Sunday, March 27, 2011

who am i?

so i think most people know where my semi-brown skin comes from. 
my dad, steven john andersen, is as caucasian as they come, an idaho boy, born in rexburg and raised in orem on a cherry tree orhchard. his side of the family originates from denmark, hence the last name "andersen."

my mother however is not caucasian.

janita usha jesseramsing andersen was born on the tiny island of mauritius which is an african nation. 
don't feel heartbroken if you've never heard of the place... you wouldn't be the first. here's a map to show you where it is:
oh wait, here's a better map... mauritius kinda got lost in the crack there...
mauritius is a tiny, tiny, tiny little island just off the coast of madagascar. it's so tiny, you can drive around it in a day. 
it is also absolutely beautiful...

such a beautiful beach
mauritius' main export is sugar cane

there's lots of great scuba diving. you even get fed raw fish.

pretty great place right? to help you out a little further and to redeem yourself from not knowing where mauritius was you may have heard of this guy:
this is the dodo. you've heard of it right? good! well then you've heard of mauritius because this is the only island that this flightless bird ever lived on! of course they are extinct now because the white man came to the island with disease and seeing as this bird could not fly away and get away from the terror, they all died.

my mother is mauritian, but our ancestors originated in india. they were brought over to mauritius as indentured laborers along with many other peoples from different lands. therefore, mauritius is more or less a melting pot of races and cultures, religions and languages.
their main language is french.
so my mother is a french speaking indian.
hence where i get my blog title...
i'm a dot indian
and not a feather indian

so, i am half east indian and half danish.
and that, is where my semi-brown skin comes from.

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