Sunday, March 20, 2011

the hunger banquet

i have a pretty cool little brother. 
his name is dane and he loves to help his fellow humans.
he got us to volunteer for the 21st annual hunger banquet and we loved it. 

the hunger banquet is a really unique, awesome event that takes place once a year where people pay $9 to be provided with a meal and multicultural entertainment. 
the catch is, not everyone gets the same meal. they randomly divide the crowd up into upper class, middle class, and lower class. 

the 10% of the people that are chosen to represent the upper class of the world, get to sit front row and center to the entertainment and are provided with a full meal with their own waitress or waiter who are there for their every beck and call.

another 10% are chosen to represent the middle class. they are allowed to sit in chairs and were fed hot dogs, chips and pop. 

the rest of the 70% of the crowd are herded on to blankets on the floor and are given a bowl with one scoop of beans and one scoop of rice with a couple of tortillas. they are also given a baggy of water that had a little cocoa powder in it, made to look like dirty water, which is what most of the world has for their water supply.
 this 70% of the crowd is made to represent the class that most of the world lies in, the lower class. 

meera, dane, andy, and i were all selected to serve the middle class. 

all services were donated and 100% of the money went to a charity of your choice that had booths set up in another room. 
it was such a fantastic experience to be a part of the whole production and volunteer but it was also neat to get a taste and a visual of how the world is really divided up on average. 
what an eye opener. 

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