Thursday, March 24, 2011

holy moly... we've been dating a year!

i have a boyfriend named andy earl.
i kinda love him. there, i said it to the world. (or at least the blogging world)

we actually met in january of 2010 on the ski lift at park city mountain resort. very fitting for a meeting place seeing as andy is an insane snowboarder and i love to ski. 
he and his friend t.j. sat down on the chair next to me and we got to talking. 
come to find out, he's the famous todd earl's older brother that i didn't even know existed until right after i got home from my mission and someone mentioned to me that they wanted to set me up with todd earl's older brother andy, to which, i thought, "that's weird, i didn't know todd had a brother."
well, he does. 
a week after our encounter on the lift, andy facebooked me... thank you facebook. 
we talked on there for a week. 
then started hanging out and haven't stopped since then. 
march 23rd, 2011 marked a year of us officially being boyfriend and girlfriend. 
a.k.a. a year from when we had "the talk." 
(which is a funny story in itself. if you wanna hear that story, just ask me.) 

 by the way a year in a relationship is insane for the both of us considering i haven't dated someone longer than 7 months and andy was lucky if he got a month out of any given relationship. 

so to celebrate, we didn't do much different than what we normally do...
we spent good quality time together.
we bought my camera together and had fun messing around with it for a while, then we did a little climbing at the quarry. 
we were both tired and hungry and decided upon california pizza kitchen because we knew robbie or brett, andy's friends, would probably be working there. 
didn't even realize it until we were sitting down, but that was the restaurant where we had our first date and we haven't been back since! so cuuuuuuuuuuuute! ha ha! i'm a cheese ball!

the many faces of mr. earl
hungry and tired

he may be a little crazy, but i like him. 


  1. Those "faces" are vaguely familiar. Don't think I've seen many pictures of Andy without them...

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Hey neena, cute blog and cute couple. It is fun to see what you have been up to since the mission. Remember how we wrote each other? good times.

  3. so cute time flies when youre in love! wish we were there to double!