Friday, March 4, 2011


sometimes i get so jaded about this beautiful place that i live in. no, i'm not talking about state street in orem. that is the antithesis of what i am talking about. but, if you look just past the mess of road signs and ugly store fronts and look up to your north just a smidgen, you'll see what i'm talking about. 
one of my most favorite things about my great grandmother's house that i grew up in as a child, had it's front room windows facing timpanogos and cascade mountains. i loved sitting on my couch, even as a child, and staring up at the majesty of these mountains in complete amazement as to how they were even formed. yes, i know in comparison to the worlds many mountain ranges and peaks, these pale in comparison, but these mountains here, visible from utah valley are who i grew up with. 
i say "who" because they take on their own personalities through every season. 
in the winter they are snow capped and magnificent. 
in the spring they are lush with green and life. 
in the summer they take on different shades of browns and golds.
in the fall they rage with reds, yellows, ambers, and oranges.
man i love being reminded of where i live, in the shadows of some of mother nature's greatest creations. kudos to the man upstairs. 

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