Friday, March 4, 2011

valentine's day

it was valentine's day a few weeks back. for the majority of my life i've always been the odd girl out when it comes to this holiday. 
i say that not because i'm usually the one left out with no date or something like that, but i'm the girl who would rather be dateless and alone on valentine's day. 
whenever i've been dating someone casually that holiday usually creeps up on us and then instantly there's something awkward going on.
 if you're not serious with someone this holiday can seem so forced and contrived. what are you supposed to do that is sentimental and sweet and romantic for someone who you've been seeing casually for a few weeks! it just becomes too much pressure! i don't like feeling like i have to go out and buy something for this person because society tells me i have to!

and that's just one of my problems with this holiday!
the other problem is that i feel it's become such a cop-out. first of all, it's the one time of year the guy HAS to be romantic not because he wants to, but because his girlfriend's friends will all think he's a pretty horrible guy for not doing anything. no guy wants a hoard of girls thinking he's a dirt bag....        no bueno. 
and second, guys have become so un-creative and cliched. (i know this is making me sound like a he-man, man-hater woman, but society has just ruined this holiday!)
the typical dozen red roses and box of chocolates is all-in-all a nice gesture, but to me that just shows that the guy has put no thought whatsoever into his gift. 
an awesome twist on that cliched gift would to be to branch out in your breed of rose that you purchase, like, say, a beautiful bouquet of garden roses. and then to mix up the box of chocolates, get some chocolate chips and strawberries and make chocolate dipped strawberries together! and if you've been serious with the person for a while or even married, sharing letters of why you love that person would just top the night off. 
 that would make me so fantastically happy. 

valentine's day of the year twenty-ten brought on that first situation of having been dating someone somewhat casually and that holiday creeping up. 
andy and i had only been dating/hanging out for less than a month and here came february 14th. i kept thinking, "what am i gonna do for him? are we even serious enough where i do need to something for him?!"
luckily, to my relief , and probably to him too, since it meant that he didn't need to spend any money, my family took a little ski vay-cay to idaho over the weekend! 
we talked on valentine's day but didn't make a big deal out of it.

this year, however, andy has become much, much more to me than just a casual friend that i'm dating/hanging out with. i love him and i was actually looking forward to making it an extra special day with him. we decided no big-time gifts so i ended up making him a pretty awesome little valentine card! 
I also decided that to make it a little more interesting, i would completely wrap the card in packaging tape and freeze it in pink food colored water in a heart shaped tin! 
once he melted my heart he could be my valentine! 

naturally, andy didn't want to wait for it to melt so he did what any guy would and smashed it on the walkway outside my apartment. so once he shattered my heart, he became my valentine.
we spent the rest of the evening just having a fun relaxed night. 
we went and had andy's first official thai meal at thai drift in orem then headed up to my parent's to play xbox kinect. 
it was perfect.

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  1. What a great idea, Neena! So fun! Andy had better not ever shatter your heart again!