Thursday, March 24, 2011

poor daddy-o

a few weeks ago i was pleasantly sitting at my parent's house enjoying a nice dvr'd episode of american idol when i heard a crash and my dad spewing a myriad of curse words. 
he had picked up a lid off of the stove that had been upside down on the stove that had recently been turned off and was no longer glowing red. the lid however, was verrrrrrrrrrrrry hot. 
poor guy. 
i have to admit though, dressing his wound was one of the funniest things i have every witnessed. 
basically, when my old man gets excited or upset about something, the funniest things start coming out of his mouth. he gets a little "over dramatic". 
he started contemplating the meaning of pain and how our bodies react to it, all the while, doing a funny little dance to keep his mind off of his pain... my mom and i were holding back the laughter to the best of our abilities. 
it was entertaining to say the least.
my sad attempt to dress his burns while laughing hysterically

this was just added on top of all his other health issues. but, he takes them all in stride and does what he can to live a normal life. 
i admire him for that. 
he was up and riding his bike in st. george a few days later. 
he doesn't let anything stop him, and i love him for it. 

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