Friday, May 20, 2011

I am now a quarter of a century old

woooo weeeee...
I made it.
Now I just need to make it three more quarters and I'll be 100! 
We have a tradition in our family to gather everyone around the cake and take a picture all holding up enough fingers to represent the person's age... cheesy, but fun.

My boyfriend is such a babe.
Lauren and Ben are finally back in town and I was so excited to have them and my old roommate Becca drop in! 
This is quite possibly one of the more horrid pictures of me, but it's displaying my favorite gift I got from my parents! The most fantastical two-legged camping chair you've ever seen from Colesport in Park City... everyone needs one.

I am super blessed to have such gread friends and family in my life. It was a great birthday!

A little jaunt down to Phoenix

Andy and I decided to head down to Phoenix last weekend to help his parent's pack up. 
They're moving to Denver you see. 
It was a short trip and we helped a little, but it sure was fun spending time with them lounging in the pool in their beautiful backyard, eating at delicious restaurants, and getting out of this dreadful rain in Provo!
I miss the warmth...


Andy and I and our lovely, lovely friends Eric and Whitney Montandon had an awesome adventure with the Utah Climbing Club once again. 
We made the journey down to Towerland, between Goblin Valley and Hanksville, and had a grand 'ol time climbing those towers! 
It was hard work and took many, many hours to reach our goal, but we made it to the top with a little help from our new friend Andy Knight. 

It was quite the learning experience. My first time trad climbing! Such a rush and I loved it!

Saylor got baptized!

Another one of my little loves is Miss Saylor Jae, and she was baptized on may 7th! 
I am so grateful to have such an angel in my life. 
Saylor is truly something special and her baptism was one of the most special that I have ever been to. 
Her first dunk was not very successful... Saylor doesn't have full mobility of her legs so they floated right up to the surface as her dad dunked her. 
So, there was a second go.
 Nate, stepped on her little feet to hold them down and she went completely under. 
We thought all was well, and we were filled with happiness and the Spirit, but then we realized that Nate didn't say everything properly. 
So, he brought her back down into the water and little Saylor looked up into the mirror and rolled her eyes and said, "Again?!"
We couldn't help but all laugh!
Third times the charm right! 

Such a special day! 

I love my little copester

I spent the night with Kylie to try and keep her company while Dallas has been out doing summer sales. 
oh how i love little cope. i could spend hours and hours with that little guy. 
I'm afraid he'll have to kill me to get rid of me...

moab/goblin valley

wowzers, we sure did have a fantastical time! i love southern utah and i love being in southern utah on grand adventures!