Friday, May 20, 2011

Saylor got baptized!

Another one of my little loves is Miss Saylor Jae, and she was baptized on may 7th! 
I am so grateful to have such an angel in my life. 
Saylor is truly something special and her baptism was one of the most special that I have ever been to. 
Her first dunk was not very successful... Saylor doesn't have full mobility of her legs so they floated right up to the surface as her dad dunked her. 
So, there was a second go.
 Nate, stepped on her little feet to hold them down and she went completely under. 
We thought all was well, and we were filled with happiness and the Spirit, but then we realized that Nate didn't say everything properly. 
So, he brought her back down into the water and little Saylor looked up into the mirror and rolled her eyes and said, "Again?!"
We couldn't help but all laugh!
Third times the charm right! 

Such a special day! 

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