Friday, May 20, 2011

I am now a quarter of a century old

woooo weeeee...
I made it.
Now I just need to make it three more quarters and I'll be 100! 
We have a tradition in our family to gather everyone around the cake and take a picture all holding up enough fingers to represent the person's age... cheesy, but fun.

My boyfriend is such a babe.
Lauren and Ben are finally back in town and I was so excited to have them and my old roommate Becca drop in! 
This is quite possibly one of the more horrid pictures of me, but it's displaying my favorite gift I got from my parents! The most fantastical two-legged camping chair you've ever seen from Colesport in Park City... everyone needs one.

I am super blessed to have such gread friends and family in my life. It was a great birthday!

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