Tuesday, September 13, 2011

lotoja 2011

andy raced in the lotoja again this year... making it his 6th time completely the whole 206 miles for logan, utah to jackson, wyoming. hence the very clever name "lo"= logan "to" "ja"= jackson. i hope that just made sense because reading back now it doesn't really look like anything meaningful. oh well...
anyway, andy is pretty much a machine. he and everyone else who attempts this race blows my mind. I know the tour de france is a much longer, grueling race but at least they break it up into different stages on different days. the lotoja is one day! covering 3 states in one day is crazy to me. 
people ask me if i have any desire to ride like andy and to race in the lotoja and before they can even finish their sentence i give them a solid, resounding, "NO."
I choose not to put myself in such pain and misery thank you very much. 
andy, however, does choose to inflict said pain on himself and although i don't like seeing him suffer, i do like to tag along and be his support crew during the race! 
andy came in at a final time of 09:37:52.713... 11 minutes slower than his time last year. 
andy was pretty bummed to be slower than his time last year, but i have to keep reminding him that he did next to no training and racing compared to last summer and he still only came out 11 minutes slower! 
so if you see him, please tell him he's crazy and that 11 minutes slower is still actually insanely good! 
he kept up with the pack and didn't quit. that's all that matters.
early, early, early morning start
i will admit that i do like this accidental photo 

support crews at feed zones
this was the unofficial "andy support crew shoe"

Monday, September 5, 2011

a little mountain biking

so, i mentioned in my previous post that my friend priscilla has been wanting to get into climbing so she has come out with me and in return she is taking me mountain biking! 
andy, priscilla, her husband cooper, our friend dane, and i headed up saturday morning at 7am to big springs up south fork canyon. it was a whopping 39 degrees outside when we started and we were all shaking in our britches. 
i've been mountain biking before but this was my first time riding single track and i will admit that some of that really steep, really narrow stuff sketched me out big time! once i got on a wider track i was pumped! hopefully we can get into this a little more and i can my own stuff and not have to borrow from my little sis! thanks pri and coop and dane for dealing with my wimpy-ness!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


andy and i had our engagements taken a little while back. 
just got the disk from kate our awesome photog! 
here's some of my favorites...

sound of music

sundance throws some awesome shows up at their outdoor theater.
this summer they featured the sound of music and andy and i were both determined to see it. 
my family was too so we all went up the second to last night of the show.
i love the setting of their stage. it's set out doors up on the ski hill with the most spectacular backdrop... the backside of timp. it definitely cools of in the evenings up there but we cuddled up in some blankets with snickerdoodles and hot bread with honey butter. 
it was awesome.
what was not awesome, is when i got attacked on the way down to the car by a bur bush!

learning a little climbing

i'm no pro or nothin' but i love sharing with others what i love to do! 
kylie and priscilla are getting into climbing so a few of us went up to rock canyon to get a little outdoor climbing in. i love these girls and i love that we can all climb together.

i'm obsessed with this kid.