Monday, September 5, 2011

a little mountain biking

so, i mentioned in my previous post that my friend priscilla has been wanting to get into climbing so she has come out with me and in return she is taking me mountain biking! 
andy, priscilla, her husband cooper, our friend dane, and i headed up saturday morning at 7am to big springs up south fork canyon. it was a whopping 39 degrees outside when we started and we were all shaking in our britches. 
i've been mountain biking before but this was my first time riding single track and i will admit that some of that really steep, really narrow stuff sketched me out big time! once i got on a wider track i was pumped! hopefully we can get into this a little more and i can my own stuff and not have to borrow from my little sis! thanks pri and coop and dane for dealing with my wimpy-ness!

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