Friday, March 4, 2011

some very special humans in my life

man, i am so lucky to be surrounded with most excellent individuals in my life. 
some of these most excellent people happen to be children that i love very, very, very much. 

i have known the o'brien family for 6 years now. audrey is my boss, friend and adopted sister. her three children are three angels in my life. they are my adopted nieces and nephews, (since i have none of blood relation yet).
sweet storie just turned 11 years old!

saylor is my most favoritest kid with spina bifida in the whole wide world!

stockton would not let me kiss him... he's such a boy.

another child that i have been obsessed with for the last year is my dear friend kylie's new 4 month old little boy, copelin dallas christensen. 
you may be asking why i have been obsessed with him for a year if he's only 4 months old, well, i also immediately adopted him as my nephew pretty much at conception. 
he is perfect and beautiful and i know he loves me too.
new born cope

cope at 1 month

4 month old cope!
based on looks alone i know everyone would love these kids.... but oh man, who they are makes them perfect in my eyes. i looooooooove them!

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  1. Such sweet beautiful kids! You are blessed Neena to count them as yours!