Friday, March 4, 2011

a little country lovin'

(this is a long one but dont worry, it's got lots-o-pictures)
a couple weeks ago, andy and i headed up passed kamas to join some friends in some cabin and country fun. my roommate jann is dating this cool dude named ben and his family owns this awesome little cabin tucked into the woods. it ended up being a little "couples retreat" because our friends chase and emily mcmillan, and my other roommate alicia and her boyfriend brett came up for a huge sleepover. 

the night was very interesting and a blast! here's a list of the things we did:
1. trudged through hip deep, or knee deep snow for andy, to the cabin in shoes, not boots. 
2. ate delicious vegetarian burgers made by emily mcmillan herself

3. had a musical jam session with a myriad of instruments including the harmonica, some chimes, maracas, guitar, drums, and a washboard. this provided quite a bit of entertainment for many minutes.

4. sat around and acted like crazies.

5. took cute couples pictures. (except i forgot to get one of jann and ben. sad face) :(

6. tried to watch a movie to which, only two ended up staying awake for even though it was blasting at about 2,000 decibles
7. slept all cozy in our sleeping bags.
8. woke up
9. headed out on a grand cross country skiing adventure.

chase left a series of these little gems on my camera for me.

ben is way hardcore.

perfectly beautiful and warm day for an adventure.

8. came home to some delicious blueberry eggo waffles for breakfast.

all in all... I'd say it was a fun sleepover.

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  1. The skiing photos are spectacular. What a fun, fun day!