Sunday, March 20, 2011

lauren + tai

30 years ago my parents were in college and my mom had three wonderful roommates. they were the three little musketeers! bev, tanya and my little mama jenny! 
well, now they're all married and each one of them had a daughter.... 
jenny had me,
tanya had peyton,
& bev had lauren. 
and lauren just got married! so my mom, dad and i ran down to st. george for some warm weather and the wedding! it was so nice to get away from the cold even if it was for just one night and one day. and even then, it wasn't that warm but it was warmer than provo! 

the wedding was beautiful and it was so fun to hang out with some old family friends for the weekend! 
peyton, lauren, and me!

mother of the bride, lovely bev. friends for 30 years.

best polynesian tradition i've ever seen, the bride dances and people throw money at you!

lauren's new hubby tai is half polynesian and we had front row seats for the entertainment! the haka! 

apparently lauren was aiming right for me when she tossed it. i think i was the only one over 18 vying for the coveted bouquet. 

they've still got it

it was such a party that some of us just couldn't hack it anymore!

one of the best weddings i've ever been to! so much entertainment and good food and dancing and just good 'ol fun! 
love you lauren and tai!

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  1. This wedding was WAY fun. Glad I could see you there! I Just found your blog and I love it! Also, Im friggin jealous about your new camera...nice!