Thursday, December 1, 2011

thanksgiving time

andy had to work thanksgiving day... sad face :(
but he only had to work until 2:30, so, i spent the first half of the day with my family and the second half with andy's fam. thanksgiving dinner was small at the andersen family's house but it was quaint and very nice and so glad i didn't miss it. i had fun scavenging my grandma's property to find elements to create a few thanksgiving centerpieces! i had so much fun doing this! 

once andy got home we went to his family's turkey day shin dig. before the grub we had such a grand time creating our masterpiece of a gingerbread house! i don't think i've actually ever made a gingerbread house before so it was basically a dream come true. after our delicious meal, we voted on the best gingerbread house and guess what? andy and i won! our prize was a box of lifesavers. i think the only way we actually took away the grand prize was because of andy's side yard.... check it out! it caused quite the stir..
after dinner we all bundled up and headed out to a movie, an earl family tradition. we saw the movie hugo and i thought it was beautifully made and had a great story line, my only qualm was that it was soooooooooo so so so looooong. 
anyway, all-in-all it was an awesome day... especially since any was feeling great the whole day! 

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