Saturday, December 31, 2011

christmas eve/ christmas day

  christmas eve is definitely more of a production for my family, rather than christmas day itself. the past two years we've had our really awesome, fun, family friends, the o'briens come over to celebrate with us. it's so much fun to have kids around and they just had a baby boy in september so we actually had someone to play baby jesus this year in our nativity program! love these guys to death. 
andy had to work until 10pm but we spent the end of the night together all cozy in our apartment. it was fun sneaking and trying to fill each other's stockings. after all was spent on actual christmas presents, we realized that we couldn't spend too much on stocking stuffers so we went early on christmas eve to the dollar store together and committed to only spend $10 each on each other, and let me tell ya, $10 really does get you a lot at the dollar store! we had to shop around the store in secret and purchase everything secretly so that we wouldn't see each other's stocking purchases. it was fun because we'd occasionally cross paths and andy had all his cheesy gifts in his arms while i tried to cover up what was in my basket! come christmas morning it was super fun to explain why we got each gift for each other! i think we've started a new christmas tradition between the two of us! 
we had us some good fun playing minute to win it games, christmas style! 

after andy and i had watched a little of andy's new movie, "phineas and ferb: the movie" and i painted my nails with nail polish andy gave me, we headed over to andy's family's house for their traditional christmas breakfast... i don't even know what it's called, and can't begin to describe it so i'll just call it "pure deliciousness".
we got some fantastic gifts from the earl and andersen clan. we have such wonderful parents. at the earls, santa brought me a new mid-calf black down coat, and andy got all new fly fishing gear. he most definitely could not wait to get it together and spent his morning practicing his cast out in the yard. santa  also came to the andersen household and brought us a new 3-person tent, an awesome book of pictures from our slideshow at our wedding and of our time together as a couple.. (meera made that gift... not santa). we also got gift certificates for two hour-long massages and dinner for two to tucanos... hey-oooo! also, lots and lots-o-candy.
so we spent the first half of the day with the earls and the second half with the andersens. for christmas dinner we invited some other family friends over with their two sweet little kids sonia and michael. i just love having kids around and playing games and wrestling on the floor. it sure was a fantastic day.
holy freaking babe town! my husband is soooo hot!

new coat 
new montbell coats!


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