Thursday, December 1, 2011

andy + hospital = not awesome

so i just realized i'm going a little out of order here. 
recently, andy has had a few trips to the hospital. it all started on our honeymoon 
(no i didn't poison him).
he started getting little bouts of stomach pains and would have to lay down for about a half hour and then he'd be fine and we could go out and have lots of adventures.
well, slowly, it progressively got worse. on november 6th it hit him so hard he didn't sleep all night and rocked on the floor in pain. i had no idea what to do. it scared the crap out of me. he was fine for a couple days after that, but then it hit the wednesday after that. same thing... 
up all night in the worst pain.
well, a week later andy was texting me at work saying that it had started again. by the time i got home from work, i found him on our living room floor vomiting so incredibly violently. all color was gone from his face and he was shaking. i felt completely helpless. 
from the first time that these started to hit i had been encouraging him to go to a doctor or the hospital so when he leaned over at me that night and told me we needed to go to the emergency right that moment, i knew this was bad. 
we ended up being in the hospital for two days and two nights. 
andy has had 8 surgeries and broken several bones in the past and there were three times in this hospital trip where he said that his pain was at a "10." meaning the worst pain he has ever felt in his life.
after a cat scan, tons of blood tests, urine tests, stool samples, 1 E.R. doctor, 2 internist doctors, 1 P.A., 1 surgeon, 1 gastroenterologist doctor, a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, and a biospy... we still had no solid answers. we did rule out crohn's and celiacs however. so, with nothing to go on, they sent us home with some anti-spasmodic meds for him.
a week later it hit again. this time, my mom and dad and andy's mom and i all decided that he needed to go to the hospital again especially since he didn't have any pain meds or anti-nausea stuff either. we went to a different hospital this time to see if a new perspective would conjure anything else up....
the new E.R. doc said the new cat scan showed that absolutely nothing had changed from his first scan.
i had heard from a few people that andy's symptoms were eerily familiar to many people who had suffered from problems with their gallbladder. so, a couple days later we set andy up to receive the hida scan. results came back normal and that there were no signs of anything being wrong with his gall bladder. i was really really really hoping that this was going to be the issue and that there would be a simple solution to remove it! luckily, andy's been felling better, but we directly relate that to him pretty much becoming a vegetarian and avoiding anything really yummy altogether. 
so, we're back to square one of trying to figure this nasty thing out.
just glad my new husband is alive! 

finally, after two days of no food, only jello and a little sip of water here and there, andy got to eat a real meal!


  1. that is insane.. For sure not Crohn's??

  2. Hope things have calmed down on the health front. This stuff is scary.