Monday, July 4, 2011

this WAS my first rodeo

how come everyone is so surprised that i had never been to a rodeo before?
ok, well, i have been to one rodeo but i think i was only 6 or something so i don't think that really counts. 
in my entire years of life where i really remember things, i had never been to the rodeo...
until the lehi roundup rodeo came to town! 
my ward is pretty rad in the sense that they seem to get us free tickets to a lot of things and the rodeo was one of them. somebody's got connections, or people just really like giving away tickets to church groups... either way, i'm grateful for it. 
so we gathered a few friends and some of us put some plaid and boots on and piled in the car. 

i was totally blown away by the things these people do in the rodeo! they are so cool. 

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