Sunday, June 26, 2011


i am officially an engaged woman.... wooo weeeee!
i couldn't be happier! 
two thursdays ago i was working on a wedding with audrey and had plans to hang out with andy after i got off work. he was hoping to go rock climbing after i got off but as soon as i was off i realized it had turned into a tornado outside. he was set on going even with the storm brewing. i kept telling him that it was too windy but he was adamant that we went up and at least did one pitch and if weather permitted, we'd get two pitches in. so we drove up to the mouth of rock canyon and as soon as we got there, the wind stopped...completely. 
we hiked up to where i did my first multi-pitch and began the climb. i did the first pitch and as andy was making his way up the second pitch the glow of the sunset behind me started to blaze across the mountainside. andy hurried up and i began the climb after him. about half way up andy started yelling at me to hurry and get up to him or i would miss the sunset. i was going about as fast as i could and he kept yelling at me to climb faster! as soon as i got to the top where he was, he told me to grab the camera out of the backpack. i moved as fast as i could to capture one of the most amazing sunsets i've ever seen!
little did i know that that was merely a distraction for andy to get the ring out of his pocket. he started telling me a lot of mushy gushy lovey stuff and i caught on. then he asked me if i would marry him. i didn't even look at the ring! i just threw my arms around him and started crying like a baby! i honestly don't think i've ever been as happy as i was in that moment.
i calmed myself and said, "yes!" and he put my beautiful ring on my finger! 

get excited for october people!


  1. Congrats girl!! So happy for you guys!

  2. neeeeeeeeen! congrats babes!! keep me informed on the deets! what a lovely proposal. love you!

  3. Congrats! I hear being engaged is fun. :]

  4. Officially - WELCOME TO THE EARL FAMILY!!! Hmmmm...Neena Earl...has a nice ring to it!

  5. Girl, I think I peed a little with the excitement. I can't wait for you guys. Congrats!!!