Friday, June 24, 2011

my first multi-pitch

for some reason when i plug my phone in at night to get charged, it doesn't allow it to vibrate or ring when i have incoming calls or texts. i have tried understanding this and fixing it, but to no avail. 
a few weeks ago it was my day off and i didn't turn my alarm on because i wanted a most deserved morning to sleep in. i had stayed up REALLY late with my roommates the night before just chattin' away so when morning time came i sorta kinda forgot andy had wanted to go climbing and i had ALL of his gear in the back of my car! i was just a sleepin' away and he called and called and called and texted a me a million times trying to either get me up to come or to at least get me up to get his stuff out of my car because several people were waiting him and us to head up to rock canyon to attack another multi-pitch called cosmic space dust lasers.
he came to my house and pounded on my door a lot, but being a little tired i barely heard the pounding in the back of my little dreams. finally it hit me that that pounding was going on for a long time and i figured one of my roommates would get it but they didn't. 
so i finally comprehended that someone really wanted in. i flew out of bed like a crazy person and ran downstairs in a mess. 
andy and parker were standing there a little frustrated from trying to get me up and not being successful. 
poor guys... i didn't blame them. i hate when i try to get a hold of someone and i know they have their phone and they just don't notice their phone is exploding with my name on it and they're just too oblivious to notice!  so frustrating! 
i was so tired but i decided to throw some real clothes on and run out the door with them. 
and boy am i glad i did! i did my first multi-pitch and it was AWESOME! 
we met up with blake nyman and jeff larson who did a little multi right next to us.
 i love how many little jewels rock canyon has to offer. too bad it's soooooo busy most days!

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  1. i sure do love those boys. heard good times were had.