Thursday, July 28, 2011

mom goes to the emergency room

kansas came to town and played with the american fork orchestra! 
it was such a blast! got pretty close too.
but that was only after two guys older than 40 years old almost beat me up. my mom and i were wandering around to get a better view. she decided to walk up in front of some guy to take a picture. let's just say he freaked and took it out on me. he used several choice curse words and basically told us that he had been sitting there for hours and this was his spot.. mind you, there were no assigned seats, it was all blankets and lawn chairs. at first i was stunned and couldn't believe this guys was actually being serious... he was very serious. i yelled at him, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?! YOU NEED TO CHILL OUT!" my mom turned around and told him calmly that we were leaving and she left. i stood there still a little stunned. right as i was about to turn to walk away i saw a guy come running up out of the corner of my eye. he came screaming right up in my face yes, arms spread, yelling at me! the other guy that i was initially arguing with had to grab the guy by the back of his shirt and pull him away from me because that dude was raging... my mind was totally blown. 
but, and there is a BIG BUT.... 
that was not the only drama for the evening...
my mom ended up sitting a little too close to the firework show that was after the concert. an ember from a firework landed right in her eye, landing her in the ambulance and then the emergency room. all is well though. it landed in the corner of her eye, just millimeters from her pupil and immediately embedded itself and blistered over. after numbing her eye up and flushing it, the doctor was able to pull it out safely.
i've never seen the professional fireworks so close up! so rad!

she thought the one in the back was hot.

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