Saturday, April 30, 2011

arcade fire

so arcade fire came to town a few weeks ago, 
riding on the curtails of winning "album of the year" at the grammy's. 
i had seen it advertised that they were coming but for some reason, i wasn't too excited to spend $50 on tickets so i shirked it and thought, "oh too bad. just another concert i'll miss."
but come the day of the concert, andy texted me telling me he got free tickets and to get my dancing shoes on! well, he didn't tell me to get my dancing shoes on, i added that on myself....
the wonderful people at skullcandy had decided to buy all the employees at milo tickets to the show! 
and i got to tag along...
ran into some good people!

i'm gonna have to go ahead and say that show was in my top 5 shows i've ever been to and i will most definitely be spending $50 or whatever it takes to see them again. 

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