Sunday, January 23, 2011

trying to figure this out...

man alive, you'd think i'd have an up and running current blog by this point in my life. well, i don't. i write in an online journal and i post all of my pictures online... just thought i should combine the two.

so, i figure i should just start with what i've done most recently, as in last night, so as not to feel so overwhelmed to catch up. last night was andy's 26th birthday, which marks a year from when he first facebooked me! at least i think the first time he instant messaged me was on his birthday. i do have one of the worst memories this side of the mississippi, but, i do remember chatting and him telling me it was his birthday and i felt bad that i hadn't wished him a happy one even though i didn't really even know him. oh isn't facebook handy!
so for the little birthday shin dig, we dined on some tasty bbq chicken pizza at pier 49 and then hit up laser quest in midvale. i must say that pier 49 does have the best bbq chicken pizza but i think that once the order is put in, they go and freshly mix the dough and let it rise a bit and hand make the cheese and bbq sauce right on the spot because it takes FOR-EV-ER to cook one stinking pizza... seriously, we probably waited 35 minutes, maybe more! good thing it tastes so good.

andy proceeded to kick butt at laser tag. he took 2nd out of the 8 of us plus 20 other randoms running around. he had pure joy splashed all over his face as he ran around like a crazy person in the arena! Ha ha ha! i wish i could've documented his madness! the best part was, he has two temporary teeth for his top two front teeth, (he's waiting for some shiny new veneers that will be put in at the end of the month) and being that those two teeth are not real, they glowed a little differently then the rest in the black light. he looked like a neon-toothed crazy man! it added quite well to his technique of playing the game. he was also quite pleased to rub it in my face that he took 2nd and i took 22nd.

one of the first times we hung out, we went to play laser tag in provo. i ended up taking 2nd out of about 30 and he placed very, very poorly. his complaint was that his gun did not work and he even left the arena to get it fixed but alas, his game was already trashed. since then he has been hell bent on letting me know that he would kick my butt if he had a good gun. well he did kick my butt this round.. i will admit that. but i also have to remind him, that in the first game, there was only two places that he could've done better than me. he would've had to have taken 1st or pushed me out of 2nd. the chances of that were very slim. my complaint about last night's game was that it was free-for-all... no teams, every man and woman for themselves. i like working on a team... i do better that way. we'll have to have a re-match fo sho!

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