Sunday, January 30, 2011

deer valley with pops and uncle josh

my dad ditched work on friday and asked me to join him and my uncle josh for a day on the slopes of deer valley. of course i jumped on the invitation and made myself available to go with them. it couldn't have been a more gloriously beautiful day to ski. the snow was fantastic and the lines weren't too long.
however, i had two problems: i had an intense work out for two hours the day before so my body was VERY sore (and my soreness was only amplified because i have not been good at working out so any extra exertion of my body almost paralyzes me the day after... i'm working on it ok!); and problem number two was, i got very little sleep. those two things combined caused my legs to want to give out on me on several occasions and i dosed off a few times on the chair lift. it was my own fault and i have learned my lesson... i will never allow myself to work out and get no sleep the night before one of the best days of the season ever again!

have no fear though, i still had a blast!

one of the best parts of the day when skiing at deer valley, is the lunch. oh my lordy... it is fantastic! it's also tres tres cher (that's french for "very very expensive), but you just have to do it. those who snowboard will never be able to taste of all the magnificence deer valley has to offer... and i am quite alright with that!
i had a bratwurst and sauerkraut and my dad and josh partook of the bounteous salad bar topping their salads off loads of brie and sardines and anything your heart would desire for a salad. oh! and let's not forget what i completely downed all by myself, the most delicious carrot cake i have ever had the privilege to put in my mouth! i wish i had taken a photo of it but, alas, it was gone before it had even crossed my mind to capture it! next time... next time...
did i mention we sat on the sun filled deck and basked in the warmest rays the sun has to offer? well, we did.

to top the day off, we always stop at spin cafe in heber to get my dad some tasty gluten free onion rings, and the rest of us get a little scoopin' of some of the best gelato around. for my choice, i got ginger.... boy oh boy was that the best choice i have ever made when it comes to gelato!
the drive home was wonderful, i slept.

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  1. I am jealous! Looks like a blast. I guess I'm going to have to read your blog.