Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the fall river

my family in idaho owns a little piece of heaven right on the fall river.
we call it "the point"and we've been camping and fishing there since as long as i can remember. 
i love that on this trip i got to bring andy and share with him what i've grown up with and loved so much. andy was pretty pumped because he's been wanting to learn to fly fish and couldn't have found a better teacher than my dad. my dad was pretty excited to have a very willing student and bought andy his own fly box with a few flies to get him started. 
it was short weekend but was a total blast. 
had to make the trip to smith and edwards to get penny candy!
i swear my dad's not ticked.. he just gets way excited talking about flies and fishing.
it's family tradition to get turkey burgers, fries, and a fresh lime at best joint up north... maddox's.
our neighbor's, the grooms, were up in yellowstone so they stopped in for evening to roast some wieners. love this family! 
the idaho night sky.
learning the perfect cast

the drive into driggs from ashton is one of the most beautiful i've ever seen.
andy's first fish on a fly rod!

we couldn't get him out of the water. 
family from the surrounding area dropped by with homemade vanilla ice cream and fresh cut strawberries form their garden. i love my idaho family.

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