Tuesday, February 15, 2011

gear head

man! i do not know what is wrong with me! 
all of the sudden, all i want to do is cruise backcountry.com nonstop, or hang out in mountain works or rei until they close every night. i think i'm turning into a gear head.... 
what's that saying? "if you wanna see who a person really is, look at their bank statement." well, mine would be embarrassing. in the last few weeks i've joined the utah climbing club and bought draws, gaiters, a headlamp, a mountaineering helmet, and today i bought this...
this is the montbell u.l. super spiral down hugger #0. woo weeee! she is a beauty! 
i'm pretty much a baby when it comes to comfort and actually getting sleep when i'm camping. if i am even the sliiiiightest bit cold, i am in hell the whole night. 
this bag is so warm and cozy and comfy and pretty, and i just totally made it seem not as cool with all those girly adjectives, but that's the way it is. i need my sleep when i camp and this plus one more thing that i bought tonight, will get me there...
this is the therm-a-rest neoair sleeping pad.
let me just insert what backcountry.com had to say about it:
"Yes, the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Sleeping pad packs down the size of a one-liter water bottle, and the regular size weighs a scant 14 ounces. But what sets the NeoAir apart from other non-insulated pads is its ability to keep you cozy on winter trips. A reflective barrier reduces ground heat-loss and returns warmth to your body. The fact that there isn’t down or synthetic insulation means you can blow this mattress up without a heavy pump, and without worrying that exhaled moisture will ruin the interior.
Bottom Line:
Warmth without high-maintenance insulation."

'nough said. 
this is aaaaaallll in preparation for our wonderful adventure that will take place on beautiful mount rainier this summer... gotta build up my gear! 
I know i'm acting like a total dork, but i can't help myself... this stuff seriously incites giddiness in my soul!  

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